Plug Wrap Paper

Plug Wrap Papers are used for wrapping cigarette filters.

SamplesUpon request;
Free in small pieces for testing.
Specification RangeNormal non-porous plug wrap paper;
Highly porous plug wrap paper (air permeability: 3,300 – 12,000 Cu).
Basis weight: 24-35 gsm.
Sold in rollsUpon request;
Rolls widths from 55 to 140 cm,
diameters from 80 to 121 cm.
Packaged in bobbinsUpon request;
Bobbin widths from 1.8 to 5.6 cm,
diameters from 40 to 60 cm.
Other featuresUniform porosity;
High Strength;
Good adaptability to various brand machines.


What is plug wrap paper?

Plug wrap paper is a special paper used to wrap the filter material of the filter tip.
It forms a soft filter such as acetate fiber into a long filter shape.

Where can I see the plug wrap paper?
You must unpeel the outside tipping paper to see the plug wrap paper.

What’s the application of plug wrap paper?

The plug wrap paper is used for wrapping cigarette filters.
By controlling the inhaled amount, this plug wrap paper reduces harmful components such as tar and carbon monoxide.

Why plug wrap paper is important for a cigarette?

Highly Porous plug wrap paper is used in together with laser-perforated tipping paper, which can effectively reduce the tar content of cigarettes from 17mg to below 12mg.

How many types are plug wrap paper?

Generally, there are three types:
Non-porous plug wrap paper / Porous plug wrap paper / Barrier plug wrap paper

What are the key points in the production of plug wrap paper?

The key technology is gaining high tensile strength (longitudinal and lateral), high air permeability, good formation, and bonding simultaneously.

What are the raw materials of plug wrap paper?

Softwood pulp, bleached hardwood pulp, and hardwood pulp. Jinfeng imports these pulps from Canada, Brazil, and Russia.

What’s the package of plug wrap paper products?
The paper products are cut to size in bobbins as per requirement for shipments.

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