Testing Plug Wrap Paper

Testing Plug Wrap Paper

Testing Plug Wrap Paper


Cigarette filters play a crucial role in the smoking experience, providing a means to reduce harmful substances and improve the overall quality of the smoke.

One essential component of cigarette filters that often goes unnoticed is the plug wrap paper.

This thin layer not only contributes to the structural integrity of the filter but also plays a significant role in enhancing the smoking characteristics of the cigarette.

In the next, let’s see the essential parameters of plug wrap paper.

Test Report_ PWP - 24gsm19mm6000m

Test Report_ PWP – 24gsm19mm6000m

Composition and Function:

Plug wrap paper for cigarette filters is a specialized material designed to meet specific requirements for the manufacturing and performance of cigarettes. The essential specifications of plug wrap paper include:

1. Basis Weight (Grammage):

– The basis weight of plug wrap paper is a measure of its weight per unit area, typically expressed in grams per square meter (gsm). Different cigarette brands and types may require different basis weights to achieve the desired balance of strength and porosity.

Generally, the grammage of plug wrap paper falls within a range of 23 gsm to 60 gsm, although values outside this range can also be found.

Here’s a general breakdown of plug wrap paper grammage and its influence:

  • Lightweight (23 gsm – 40 gsm):
    • Lightweight plug wrap paper is often chosen for cigarettes that aim to provide a milder smoking experience. It contributes to a lighter overall weight of the cigarette and may be preferred for brands that prioritize smooth and less dense smoke.
  • Mediumweight (40 gsm – 50 gsm):
    • Mediumweight plug wrap paper strikes a balance between structural integrity and porosity. It is commonly used in a variety of cigarette brands, offering a combination of strength, printability, and controlled airflow.
  • Heavyweight (50 gsm – 60 gsm):
    • Heavyweight plug wrap paper provides enhanced structural integrity and durability. This grammage range is suitable for cigarettes that require a sturdier wrap, such as those with a larger diameter or unique filter configurations.
  • Plus:

Stiff Plug Wrap Paper (60 gsm – 135 gsm):

  • Stiff plug wrap paper refers to a type of paper that possesses increased rigidity and stiffness compared to standard or flexible plug wrap papers.
  • Stiff plug wrap paper is produced on specialized machines designed for high-basis weight sheets.
  • It offers high uniformity and excellent runnability on high-speed filter machines during manufacturing.
  • The paper suits various filter configurations, including binary, ternary, or multiple setups.
  • It is mainly used for making recessed-filter cigarettes and heat-not-burning products, providing a perfect appearance and distinguished quality.
  • The thickness and stiffness of the paper are customized to match the diameter of the filter, ensuring perfect roundness and stiffness.
  • Stiff plug wrap paper is critical to achieving a good-quality recessed filter.
2. Porosity:

Porosity refers to the measure of openness or permeability of the plug wrap paper.

It influences the airflow through the cigarette and affects the draw resistance and overall smoking experience.

Manufacturers carefully control porosity to achieve the desired level of ventilation.

Here are the details:

Draw Resistance
  • Porosity affects the draw resistance of a cigarette, which is the ease with which a smoker can inhale.
  • Higher porosity allows more air to mix with the smoke during inhalation, resulting in a lighter draw.
  • Lower porosity, on the other hand, increases draw resistance, providing a denser and stronger draw.

The choice of porosity is often tailored to the preferences of the target consumer base and the desired smoking experience.

  • Porosity determines the level of ventilation in a cigarette, influencing the amount of air that mixes with the smoke.
  • Ventilation is crucial for controlling the burning rate of the cigarette and regulating the combustion process.
  • Manufacturers adjust porosity to achieve the desired balance between ventilation and burn rate, ensuring a steady and even burn throughout the cigarette’s length.
Smoke Dilution with air.
  • Higher porosity allows more air to mix with the smoke, resulting in a lighter and milder flavor. This is particularly important for brands that aim to provide a smoother and less harsh smoking experience.
Flavor Release:
  • Porosity affects the release of flavors from the tobacco during combustion.
  • It plays a role in how efficiently the flavors are delivered to the smoker.
  • The right level of porosity ensures that the smoker experiences the intended taste and aroma of the tobacco blend.
Filter Efficiency:
  • Porosity also impacts the efficiency of the filter in trapping harmful substances.
  • The right level of porosity ensures that the filter effectively removes tar and other undesirable components from the smoke, contributing to the overall harm reduction objective of cigarette filters.
3. Tensile Strength:

– Tensile strength is the ability of the plug wrap paper to withstand a pulling force without tearing. This property is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of the cigarette during manufacturing, packaging, and transportation.

4. Moisture Resistance:

– Plug wrap paper serves as a protective barrier to prevent the absorption of moisture from the environment. It helps preserve the freshness of the tobacco and ensures that the cigarette retains its intended characteristics over time.

Jinfeng Plug Wrap Paper Stock

Jinfeng Plug Wrap Paper Stock

Jinfeng Paper carefully considers these specifications and tailors the plug wrap paper to meet the specific needs and preferences of each cigarette brand, ensuring a consistent and high-quality smoking experience for consumers.

5. More Testing Parameters:

Overall, plug wrap paper has equal testing items with cigarette paper.

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In the last, don’t forget to contact us if you are looking for paper products for cigarette manufacturing.

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