Tipping Paper

Tipping Papers are used for wrapping cigarette filter tips (acetate tow).

SamplesUpon request;
Free in small pieces for testing.
Specification RangePorosity: 400 – 500 Cu.
Basis weight: 33-42 gsm.
Sold in rollsUpon request;
Rolls widths 35, 64, or 70 mm,
inner core 66mm,
length from 2400 to 3000 m.
Packaged in bobbinsUpon request;
Other featuresTitanium-free;
Moisture proof;
Lip release;
Plain cork, golden line;
Custom brand logo print;
Various colors print.


What is Tipping paper?

The tipping paper is the paper that wraps the filter tip, and bonds the filter rod and the cigarette, usually in cork color or white.

What’s the application of tipping paper?

The tipping paper is only used in conjunction with cigarette paper in the tobacco industry.
A filter tip is always used in each cigarette, in order to improve the appearance of a cigarette filter rod, the tipping paper is wrapped outside the rod, which can avoid exposure to the filter tip.

Why is tipping paper stringent manufacturing required?

Large amounts of chemicals are used in tipping paper printing, such as ink, pigment, organic solvent, etc. These materials are harmful to human health.
Since tipping paper directly contacts smokers, the ink and coating of tipping paper must be non-toxic, water-resistant, and moisture-resistant.
Therefore, ink quality and environmental protection should be given priority.

How many types are tipping paper?

Various colors and patterns can be customized.

What are the critical points in the production of tipping paper?

First, we use the high-quality virgin wood pulp to make food-grade tipping base paper.

Second, the printing processes are safe and environmentally friendly.

In a word, the whole production of tipping paper is in line with the national standard of food hygiene.

What are the raw materials of tipping paper?

Softwood pulp, bleached hardwood pulp, and hardwood pulp. Jinfeng imports these pulps from Canada, Brazil, and Russia.

What’s the package of plug wrap paper products?
The paper products are cut to size in bobbins as per requirement for shipments.

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