Mastering the Art of Cigarette Tubes

Enhance Your Smoking Experience with Premium Filtered Cigarette Tubes

Mastering the Art of Cigarette Tubes

Mastering the Art of Cigarette Tubes

In our articles, we talk a lot about non-tobacco materials of general filter cigarettes and hand-rolling.

This time I’m discussing the choice and smoking of cigarette tubes.

What are cigarette tubes?

Cigarette tubes are a cigarette without tobacco.

You need to fill it with tobacco yourself, using special machines for stuffing cigarette tubes.

Cigarette tubes typically consist of two main parts: the paper tube itself and the filter.

The paper tube provides the structure for the cigarette, while the filter serves to reduce the amount of tar and nicotine that the smoker inhales.

Some cigarette tubes come with perforations or ventilation holes to further control the smoke’s strength and airflow.

Smoking cigarette cartridges is not much different from rolling cigarettes:

  • Different methods of stuffing and its variations.

When stuffing a roll-your-own cigarette, you can choose filters, paper, and tobacco. When stuffing cigarette cartridges, you only have to choose the cartridges themselves and the tobacco.

  • Different size.

Standard rolling papers are smaller than a cigarette tube.

  • Different appearance.

The cigarette case looks exactly like a cigarette. A rolled-up cigarette is not at all like a cigarette.

Cigarette tubes with a filter (for stuffing tobacco)

Cigarette tubes with a filter (for stuffing tobacco)

How to choose cigarette tubes?

Choosing the right cigarette tubes involves considering factors such as size, material, filter type, and personal preferences.

There are not many types of cigarette sleeves:

  • Classic (like regular cigarettes);
  • Thin (Slim).

There are also cigarette tubes with a carbon filter, flavored tubes, 100’s (100 mm) format tubes, cigarette-style, and others.

However, the main classification still comes down to the format – slim or not, and the length of the filter: short, classic, or extended.

Extended filter filters are very popular for several reasons:

  • Less tobacco is used per cigarette;
  • Holding a cigarette becomes more convenient;
  • The longer the filter, the more harmful substances are retained in it.

One of the popular cigarette sleeves is the Mascotte X-Long

Mascotte X-Long

Mascotte X-Long

If you are used to smoking store-bought cigarettes and want to try cigarette tubes, starting with slim ones would be better.

After all, the loose tobacco you’ll be packing into the tubes is much stronger than that of store-bought cigarettes.

Smoking a homemade cigarette in the classic format isn’t as easy as it may seem at first.

cigarette tubes

cigarette tubes

Besides, you may need a filling machine to fill our MYO cigarettes.

It helps to make the process of filling tubes with tobacco easier, more efficient, and more consistent.

There are many types of filling machines for cigarette tubes. But for a starter, a manual one should be good. You can enjoy the handwork! And save money!

Cigarette Filling Machine

Cigarette Filling Machine

Which is better: cigarette sleeves or hand-rolled cigarettes?

Both types have supporters.

Both options have their advantages and drawbacks.

For example, cigarette tubes with a filling machine are a more efficient and consistent option, especially if you prioritize convenience and a controlled smoking experience.

Hand-rolled cigarettes offer a more artistic and traditional approach, which might appeal to those who enjoy the hands-on process and are willing to invest time in improving their rolling technique.

So, why not try both?

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