Cigarette Paper

Cigarette Papers are used for wrapping tobacco.

SamplesUpon request;
Free in small pieces (A4 size) for testing.
Specification RangeAir Permeability: 30-80 Cu.
Basis weight: 25-40 gsm.
PatternsNon Marking (Velin);
Horizontal Marking (Verge);
Vertical Marking (Repse);
Other special markings;
Customized Color/Logo.
Sold in rollsUpon request;
Rolls widths from 55 to 140 cm,
diameters from 80 to 121 cm.
Packaged in bobbinsUpon request;
Bobbin widths from 1.8 to 5.6 cm,
diameters from 40 to 60 cm.
Other featuresLow CO;
Low Ignition Propensity (LIP);
Excellent burning speed rate;
High Tensile and Tear Strength;
Suitable for all kinds of cigarette types;
Good adaptability to various brand machines.


What is cigarette paper?

Cigarette paper is a kind of tissue paper that is used for wrapping tobacco to become a cigarette.

What are the requirements for cigarette paper?

The basic requirements for cigarette paper:
Non-toxic, odorless;
Specified thickness, whiteness, air permeability, and tensile strength;
Specified opacity, tobacco can’t be seen through the paper;
Smooth and clean surface, clear pattern, .etc

What are the procedures for manufacturing cigarette paper?

Pulping – Papermaking – Cutting

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What are the main points in the production of cigarette paper?

  1. Natural Permeability Control
  2. Good Burning Quality
  3. High Strength

What are the raw materials of cigarette paper?

Softwood pulp, bleached hardwood pulp, and hardwood pulp. Jinfeng imports the best pulps from Canada, Brazil, and Russia. And using food-grade chemicals to ensure safe usage.

What’s the package of cigarette paper products?
The paper products are cut to size in bobbins as per requirement for shipments.

Normally in a roll wrapped and then collected on the pallets.

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