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The main suppliers of cigarette paper worldwide

Map of Cigarette Paper Manufacturers

Map of Cigarette Paper Manufacturers

  • Most smokers are familiar with the cigarettes they prefer:

The brand, the brand owner, and even the manufacturers.

  • If you do not, look up your favorite cigarette brand and see who owns it in this article:


  • Moreover, some people even choose specific tobacco.

For example, most Chinese smokers prefer flue-cured tobacco. But famous mixed tobacco brand like Marlboro is popular in the US.

  • However, you might not be an expert on another important raw material in cigarettes: cigarette paper.
  • The quality of cigarette paper influences the aroma, tar content, and other cigarette features.

That’s why all cigarette manufacturers also have the highest quality standards for cigarette paper. And only advanced and renowned paper factories can dominate this market.

  • Below I will make a presentation of 7 cigarette paper suppliers.

(Rank in alphabetical order)

BMJ paperpack – Indonesia



Product Ranges:

Cigarette Paper, Plug Wrap Paper, Printed Tipping Paper, Tipping Base Paper, Aluminum Foil Laminated Paper, Inner Frame Paper, Printed Packaging Base Paper

Company Profile:

The leader in the specialty paper and packaging paper market in the Asia-Pacific region.

BMJ mainly provides special cigarette paper products for the global cigarette industries. It is a partner of many well-known tobacco companies around the world.

In 2013, BMJ Company started to use high-tech new paper machine No. 3, which brought breakthrough changes. The energy, water, and fiber loss used to make each ton of paper are significantly reduced, resulting in lower cost, better quality, and less environmental pollution.

The third-generation defect tracking system invested in and developed by BMJ Company has greatly improved the papermaking process.

By introducing various online and offline embossing processes, the company can provide customized embossing designs, continue to improve product quality, and make counterfeiting more difficult.

delfort group – Austria



Product Ranges:

Papers for the food and packing industry.

Cigarette Paper, Plug Wrap Paper, Printed Tipping Paper, and Tipping Base Paper for the tobacco industry.

And other specialty papers and printing products.

Company Profile:

delfort group was founded in 2006. It is a global leader in the fields of cigarette filter plug wrap paper, hot stamping paper, environmentally friendly packaging paper, and release paper.

Its products have been provided to more than 90 countries around the world.

The group has been committed to continuously improving the quality of cigarette paper by adjusting parameters such as fiber, fillers, fuel additives, and permeability used in cigarette paper.

Julius Glatz – Germany



Product Ranges:

Papers for the cigarette: cigarette paper also in LIP version, plug wrap paper, Tipping base paper in white and yellow, Paper for Next Generation Products.

Thin printing papers.

Tissue papers.

Other speciality papers.

Company Profile:

Glatz was founded in 1885 and headquartered in Neidenfels, Germany.

It has a long history of cigarette paper production and keen market control capabilities.

It currently has 4 paper machines and an annual production capacity of 55,000 tons.

As one of the leaders in the industry, the family-owned company always insists on keeping pace with the times.

In 1994, Glatz Paper became the first foreign cigarette paper supplier to set up a joint venture factory in Yunnan, China.

In 2010, Glatz Paper established a production base in Vietnam.

Miquel y Costas & Miquel – Spain

Miquel y Costas_logo

Miquel y Costas_logo

Product Ranges:

Tobacco industry: Cigarette paper, Plug wrap paper, Tipping paper, rolling paper booklets, and textile pulps for the tobacco industry.

Specialty papers for industrial use: decorative laminates, pasting paper for car batteries.

Food industry: paper for tea bags and coffee capsules, Greaseproof paper, paper certified as safe for direct food contact, straw paper.

Paper for cases and packages.

Filter paper.

Other special papers: security paper, paper for perfumes and hairdressing.

Printing industry: Stationery papers, Pharma paper, paper for religious books.

Company Profile:

Miquel y Costas was founded in 1879, but its history can be traced back to 1752 when the Miquel family in Spain started making paper by hand.

The company mainly produces cigarette paper.

Miquel y Costas is one of the world’s largest cigarette paper manufacturers, and its products are sold in more than 90 countries on five continents.

In 1998, Miquel y Costas began to introduce pure hemp paper.

In 2010, a new chlorine-free bleached ultrafine paper was launched.

Today, Miquel y Costas’s branded cigarette papers are available in a wide range of categories, including luxury paper, brown paper, blue paper, classic paper and organic paper.

The company also provides filters, pipes, and other tobacco products.

PDL – France



Product Ranges:

Roll Your Own paper – RYO

Tipping Base Paper

Make Your Own paper – MYO

Plug Wrap paper

Cigarette paper

Company Profile:

PDL was founded in 1920.

It provides advanced products and services to cigarette, cigar and filter rod manufacturers and tipping paper processors, and has become an ideal partner for top class cigarette manufacturers.

PDL Company has advanced cigarette paper manufacturing equipment, and its products include cigarette paper, tipping paper and filter plug wrap paper.

PDL is a pioneer in the field of cigarette paper life cycle assessment. PDL analyzes different stages of the cigarette paper life cycle, evaluates its impact on the environment, and continuously optimizes the production process to minimize the waste generated in each link.

TANN Group – Austria



Product Ranges:

Tipping Paper

Company Profile:

TANNPAPIER is a company of the Mayr-Melnhof Group and the world market leader in the development, production, and distribution of the special product “Tipping Paper”.

The company is headquartered in Traun, Austria, with 8 branches and approximately 1,000 employees around the world.

It develops, produces, and distributes tipping paper products for the global tobacco industry, and also provides self-adhesive tapes, linings, and other related products.

The TANN Group is committed to providing comprehensive innovative solutions and new standards in industry quality and service.

The key processes of the company have been audited by internationally renowned certification agencies and ultimately formed the company’s internal production management standards.

SWM – the US



Product Ranges:

Materials and Solutions for Cigars & Cigarillos, Combustible Cigarettes, Heated Tobacco Products, Oral Deliveries, Roll Your Own, and Tobacco Blend Solutions.

Specialty papers.

Company Profile:

SWM is a major supplier of highly engineered solutions and advanced materials to the global tobacco industry and other industries.

It is also the world’s largest cigarette paper manufacturer, with an annual output of more than 70,000 tons, and holds approximately 23% of the global cigarette paper market.

The group and its subsidiaries have approximately 3,000 employees worldwide and do business with more than 90 countries, including the United States, France, Brazil, Canada, Poland, and China, and have two joint ventures.

The company holds multiple patents in the fields of cigarette papers, cigar papers, and adhesives and has production lines in the United States, Western Europe, and several countries.

  • One article is not enough to present all the good cigarette paper manufacturers.

For your reference, I have mentioned 5 Chinese cigarette paper factories in this article:


If you are starting a business of manufacturing cigarettes, we’d love to provide some help.

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