Pre Rolled Cones

Pre-rolled cones are rolling cigarette papers that have already been rolled.

You can complete a hand-rolled cigarette in the shortest time.

SamplesUpon request;
Free in small pieces for testing.
Specification Range1 1/4;
King size;
1 1/2;
Sold in boxUpon request;
40/80/100 Cones per Box
BRANDINGNeutral or Customized Brand
Other featuresFilters included;
Made from natural unbleached paper;
Slow and even Burn;
Ultra-thin paper.


What are the features of pre-rolled cones?

Easy use, especially for beginners or those who don’t want to roll the joints themselves.

How to use a pre-rolled cone and Smoke a Joint?
1. To prepare the tobacco (cannabis), grinder, paper sheet, pen, and pre-rolled cone.
2. (If needed) Place cannabis in grinder, twist left to right and get powder materials.
3. Use a pen to pack tobacco (cannabis) into a cone.
4. Make the first pack-down solid.
5. Use a pen to fold edges.
6. Light evenly, blow on end to burn evenly, and enjoy!

To sum up, fill the cone with weeds, then tighten the end slightly, and ignite.

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