Rolling Paper

Rolling papers are small sheets, rolls, or leaves of paper which are used for rolling cigarettes by hand, ie., RYO cigarettes.

SamplesUpon request;
Free in small pieces for testing.
Specification Range70*36 mm;
78*44 mm (1 1/4);
97*54 mm;
108*44 mm (King size);
Sold in packsEach pack contains 32-50 papers;
Different quantities on request.
BrandsNeutral or Customized Brand
Gum/glue100% natural gum, strong stickiness, 4 years guarantee for cool storage.
UsageRoll your own (RYO) cigarette;
Handrolled cigarette;
Joint (cannabis);
Shag (tobacco);
Tobacco smoking;


How to roll a cigarette with RYO rolling paper?

1. Stretch the tobacco uniformly, no cluster by hand touch is ok;
2. Bend one end of the rolling paper. This step is used to place the tobacco;
3. Insert the tobacco then press with your index fingers of both hands. Make sure the tobacco is evenly and smoothly spread along the cigarette paper;
4. Rub the tobacco with both hands as evenly as possible. Apply some pressure with your thumbs at the same time. Several times is ok.
5. Hold both ends of the rolling paper, and place the filter into the rolling paper quickly and accurately;
6. Roll the cigarette then lick the adhesive strip. Stick the paper from the filter side.
7. Trim the tobacco excess from the top of the cigarette.
8. Enjoy!

Why do we like rolling our own cigarettes?
1. It’s a trend in fashion. More personalized and show my personality.
2. RYO cigarettes offer smoother smokes, customized flavor, and fabulous taste.
3. The joy of handmake.

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