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The existing production line will be upgraded, and the production capacity of 52,000 t/a specialty paper will be achieved.


Upgrade and transform the existing production line, eliminate and replace some high-energy-consuming equipment, increase white water recovery and recycling equipment, upgrade and transform the existing wastewater treatment system, etc. After the technical transformation, the whole plant will achieve 10,000 t/a of special paper for electrical insulation, The production scale of cigarette, food, and medical special paper is 15,000 t/a, filter special paper is 8,000 t/a, and release paper is 20,000 t/a.


The project is located in Chengdu Cross-Straits IT Industry Development Zone, Wenjiang District.

It includes the following designs:

  1. Eliminate the PM1 paper production line, and build a new specialty paper (medical dialysis paper, aluminum-free liner paper, non-coated heat transfer printing paper) production line with an annual output of 30,000 tons. The width of the paper machine is 5000mm, and the speed is 550m/min.
  1. Re-build the existing PM2, PM3, and PM4 production lines. Manufacture other types of specialty papers (cigarette paper, ordinary plug wrap paper, high-porosity paper, tipping base paper, etc.).

It is already the largest single production line for cigarette-related paper in Western China.

This project has obtained planning approval. The construction is proceeding smoothly. It is designed and implemented by full professional BIM 3D forward design.