1. Main business

Jinfeng Paper is a specialty paper manufacturer with 30+ years of history.

The main business includes the production and sales of specialty papers and pulps.

Specialty papers are divided into four categories: papers for the tobacco industry, packaging paper, medical dialysis paper, and other tissues for production and household use.

Pulps include specialty pulps such as hemp pulp and flax pulp.

2. Main products

Tobacco industrial paper is the company’s main product, which is suitable for traditional tobacco and emerging tobacco.

It Includes cigarette paper, filter plug wrap paper, cigarette tipping paper base paper and new tobacco paper, and other products.

Cigarette paper is the paper used to wrap shredded tobacco to make cigarettes. It is mainly divided into two categories: machine-made cigarette paper and hand-rolled cigarette paper.

Machine-made cigarette paper includes different appearances such as conventional patterns, CD marks, MD marks, Oblique marks, and colored ones.

On the other hand, the raw materials of cigarette paper include full hemp, hemp-containing, and wood pulp.

There are hundreds of functions of cigarette paper.  Such as tar reduction, strong ash, and flavoring.

Jinfeng is one of the Five Golden Flowers in the Chinese cigarette paper market. The other four are Yunnan Hongta BLUE EAGLE Paper, Mudanjiang Hengfeng Paper, Zhejiang Huafeng Paper, and Jiaxing Minfeng Paper.

Jinfeng Paper supplies papers to many A-class cigarette manufacturers, such as China Tobacco Sichuan Industrial, Chengdu cigarette factory, Shifang cigarette factory, etc.

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cigarette suppliers in China

Hand-rolled cigarette paper is used for wrapping tobacco shreds, which features low weight, soft, novel appearance, ultra-thin, and slow burning.

The patterns and colors of hand-rolled cigarette paper can be customized.

This kind of cigarette paper is usually used to produce leaves and cones. It is the raw material of each hand-roll cigarette brand.

Filter plug wrap paper is a special paper used for wrapping tow filter materials when processing cigarette filter rods.

It mainly includes ordinary filter plug wrapping paper, high air permeability filter plug wrapping paper, high weight rigid plugwrap paper, grooved filter rod plugwrap paper, composite filter rod plugwrap paper, and paper tip base paper used to replace cellulose tow filter materials.

Jinfeng’s products can meet the design requirements of different structures of the filter tips, and achieve brand differentiation; the product quality meets the safety requirements of tobacco materials and the needs of cigarettes for harm reduction. At the same time, it brings users a comfortable experience.

Tipping base paper is the base paper of cigarette tipping paper, which is used as the united component of a filter rod and a cigarette after the process of printing or coating.

Jinfeng’s tipping paper products have the advantages of high smoothness, high gloss, strong printing adaptability, bright and full printing colors, and clear reproduction of graphics and texts.

The tipping base paper is soft and delicate, strong and beautifully lapped, stable-size, and small wet deformed, which can meet the requirements of overprinting with more than five colors, and the absorption performance of the front and back sides can be adjusted upon request.

3. Orientation

Jinfeng keeps developing new types of tobacco papers with new processing and new materials.

Such as bamboo pulps, bamboo fiber tipping paper, high adsorption plug wrap paper, medical packaging papers, etc.

Now there are many new players in the tobacco market, such as IQOS, HNB, and VAPE. Customers’ requirements are always highly valued by us. We are expanding the range of specialty paper as well to create more choices of traditional cigarettes.

Vaping vs. Smoking

Vaping vs. Smoking

Above is information that helps you to learn about paper suppliers in the tobacco industry.

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