7 Must-Know Tips for a Cigarette Packaging Specialist

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In this article, you are going to see an analysis of cigarette packaging markets.

If you are looking for suppliers of non-tobacco materials, this is the guide you need.

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An overview

First, let’s see a typical cigarette pack:

composition of a cigarette pack

composition of a cigarette pack

Excluding the core tobacco, all non-tobacco materials are used for packaging/wrapping the tobacco substance.

However, the tobacco leaf and NTM are from two different supply chains.

So, what is the information you need to know?

The present situation of cigarette pack materials (7 sections)

  1. Cigarette Paper

The cigarette paper used for machine-rolled cigarettes is called cigarette roll paper, while the cigarette paper used for hand-rolled cigarettes is called flat cigarette paper sheets.

The production technology of cigarette paper is relatively difficult, and only a few companies in the world can produce it.

In 2022, the global consumption of cigarette paper was about 210,000 tons, half of which is produced in China, and the other 105,000 tons are produced in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Japan, Indonesia, the United States, and other places.

The world’s number one cigarette paper manufacturer is France’s Schweitzer-Mauduit, followed by Austria’s Trierenberg Group.

In China, the top 5 cigarette paper manufacturers are Yunnan Hongta Lanying Paper, Sichuan Jinfeng Paper, Hangzhou Huafeng Paper, Jiaxing Minfeng Paper, and Mudanjiang Hengfeng Paper.


  1. Aluminum Foil / Inner Liner Base Paper

Aluminum foil (inner liner base paper) is the paper lining the inner layer of the small cigarette box.

It usually requires composite aluminum foil, aluminized, transferred aluminum, or increased surface coating to achieve moisture-proof and air-blocking effects on cigarettes.

Features of Jinfeng Aluminum Foil:

  • Sold in rolls, 28gsm-70gsm, ash content 5%-25% (calculated by CaO).
  • Made from BSKP, BHKP, or straw pulp.
  • Low grammage, high bulk, high gloss on one side.
  • Good surface gloss, food-grade, good embossing, and folding performance.

Other foil manufacturers in China: Jinling Goldfoil, Yunnan Xinxing Renheng Packaging Materials, etc.

  1. Tipping Paper


  1. BOPP Cigarette Film

BOPP=Biaxially oriented polypropylene film


  • Compared with ordinary packaging films, cigarette film has the characteristics of low heat-sealing temperature, better barrier performance, high transparency, and uniform thickness.
  • Stiff but thin, high gloss, high stiffness, high antistatic level, wide heat-sealing temperature, low haze, low coefficient of friction, uniform shrinkage in the horizontal and vertical directions.
  • BOPP shrink film, BOPP anti-counterfeit film is applied by many cigarette brands.

BOPP film Manufactures in China: YUNNAN KUNLENE FILM INDUSTRIES, China National Packaging Corporation, Jiangsu Zhongda New Materials Group, etc.

  1. Tear Tape / Gold Wire

Gold wire, also known as unsealing pull tape for cigarettes, tear tape, unsealing pull wire, unsealing pull wire, and cellophane tape, is used for the film of unsealed packaging cigarette boxes, and it also affects the packaging design effect.

The world’s largest cable manufacturer is Essentra in the UK.

In China, the main manufacturers are Big Beard, Jinling Goldfoil, Yuxi Yuxing Packaging Materials, etc.

Tear Tape_Cigarette Pack Look

Tear Tape_Cigarette Pack Look

  1. White Cardboard / Inner Frame Paper

White cardboard is a type of paper often used in cigarette packaging. It can be processed into various shapes and sizes for use in cigarette boxes, and may also be printed on or laminated for added design and protection features.

Inner frame paper is used to create the barrier within the cigarette package that holds the cigarettes in place.

The main manufacturers in China are Zhuhai Hongta Renheng Packing, Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper, Shandong Sun Holdings Group, etc.

White Cardboard for Cigarette Pack

White Cardboard for Cigarette Pack

  1. Coated Paper

Cigarette soft box packaging is one of the main markets for coated paper.

It is often processed with coatings to improve the barrier properties and give it a glossy finish. The coating can also protect against moisture, grease, and other contaminants.

The main manufacturers in China are Gold East Paper (Jiangsu), Shandong Chenming Group, etc.

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