TABEXPO 2023, We were here! Thank you!

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TABEXPO is one of the most famous exhibitions dedicated to the manufacturing and processing of tobacco and nicotine products.

Tobacco giants such as BAT, Baumer hhs, China Tobacco, and material suppliers like BMJ, SWM, Filtrona are exhibitors in this event.

It is the 25th year for TABEXPO, but it is the first time Jinfeng joined an oversea exhibition. Although Sichuan Jinfeng Paper is famous in China, its brand influence does not exist abroad.

We are happy to meet many influencers and specialists in the tobacco and cigarette packaging industries. The tobacco market is big and has many niches, we can learn from other NTM suppliers and focus on our own race on cigarette paper and plug wrap paper making.

The two days event passed rapidly, but we got so much valuable information and understand what kind of cigarette paper the tobacco market needed.

TABEXPO conference programme

TABEXPO conference programme

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TabExpo_meeting clients

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